About the noise value of the Mzada radiator fan

- May 16, 2019-

About the noise value of the Mzada radiator fan

When our customers get the specifications provided by the Mzada radiator fan manufacturer, the above will generally indicate the noise value. How should we understand this value?

First of all, the noise on the specification is the wind noise, not the friction sound. It is a strange sound. The wind noise is necessary for every Mzada radiator fan to operate.

Secondly, the noise data, is not every fan to be fully inspected, of course not. The noise of the test fan is tested in a non-sounding room, full computer test, and the time for testing one is about 5-10 minutes. The cost of a non-sound room is about 600,000 RMB. If the inspection is full, the cost is very high. In addition, because the shape of the fan is fixed, each speed corresponds to a wind noise, the rotation speed is high, and the wind noise is corresponding. Increase, so there is no need to test wind noise for each

Mzada radiator fan manufacturers will listen to the sound test of each fan, because the abnormality is one of the factors that determine the length of life of the Mzada radiator fan.

Some customers who started using the Mzada radiator fan for the first time, the supplier of the Mzada radiator fan said that the sample preparation took a few days, and it felt like this would be very laborious and very troublesome. At the beginning, there was no time left for the Mzada radiator fan. Manufacturer, why is this?

The main reason is that the Mzada radiator fan is used as a component to supply electronic and electrical products, so each Mzada radiator fan is carefully designed and customized for customers, not just voltage, but also the type of bearing. The speed of the rotation, the length of the wire, and the type of the terminal, etc., and when we make a single inventory in the warehouse, when the customer wants to use it, it is difficult to match it so accurately.

Therefore, all adopt the current method, and the technology has a professional sample preparation department. About 100 sets of samples are produced every day. Generally, 3-5 days can provide customers with accurate samples.

Basically, every brand of Mzada radiator fan will put a label on the outer frame, indicating the model, current, voltage and other parameters, where the current is not the actual product operating current, the answer is, not necessarily

Each brand will give a Mzada radiator fan size specifications divided into three different speed models, that is, medium to high and low, these three speeds use three different currents, which is accurate, but when our customers request The speed is between a certain two speeds, and the current made to the Mzada radiator fan must be between the currents of the two speeds. What should I do? It is unlikely that a separate model will be used separately. In this case, the model number can not be finished in a few years, and the common practice is to take the current of the large speed.

The nominal current is less than the actual current is in compliance with the safety requirements, greater than the safety current may cause the developer to design errors, the fan burns

Therefore, the nominal current we see is generally less than or equal to the actual current.