Can the Mzada radiator fan be modified?

- May 11, 2019-

Can the Mzada radiator fan be modified?

Mzada radiator fan can help me change it, this is generally done according to customer requirements, but found that it is wrong, requires changes to parameters, change specifications, in fact, there is no way to change

Mzada radiator fan is done, it means the motor's wire diameter, the number of turns is fixed, including the choice of the outer frame, one-to-one correspondence, supporting, for example, to change the speed, then re-circle the motor, That is to do it again. For example, if the Mzada radiator fan is changed to the outer frame, the leaves should be changed. Even if the motor diameter is similar, but the disassembly and reinstallation, the outer frame can no longer be used, which is more troublesome than re-doing.

Therefore, before the technology cooperates with each customer, it will confirm with the sample first, and the specification will be confirmed before the order is officially started. This is to avoid some minor negligence.

In our understanding, the same batch of Mzada radiator fans should be the same, the same, why the same batch of Mzada radiator fans, the speed is not the same?

When familiar with the Mzada radiator fan speed test, we will find that the speed is a dynamic, always changing parameter, because the motor's resistance value is slightly affected by the environment, so the speed will always be in a certain community. Bounce back and forth in the domain

The same batch of Mzada radiator fans, different individuals, the resistance of each Mzada radiator fan, the tightness of the structure, the amount of oil, these subtle differences are caused by the same parameter Mzada radiator fan value is uncertain However, in a certain area, such as Mzada radiator fan above 4CM, the speed tolerance is normal within 10% of the standard value.

Of course, we can use a special design, circuit interference, to keep the speed at a constant state.

We often say how much power I have to make a Mzada radiator fan, which means that the wind is so big. In the consciousness, the wind is equal to the power or the current. The wind is high, and the current must be Big, this is indeed the case, the same mold, the same design, of course, the larger the air volume, the greater the current, but different molds, different designs, it is possible that the power is large, but the power is small, but the air volume is large.

For example, the 3007 fan we used in the mask is also 10000 rpm, 5 straight power supply, current is only 100mA, and the 3007Mzada radiator fan used on the device is also 10000 rpm, also 5V, but the current is 0.20A. The same speed, the same amount of air but twice the current