Can the Nissan radiator fan be rained?

- May 08, 2019-

Can the Nissan radiator fan be rained?

Some products used outdoors, when they use the Nissan radiator fan, they will ask a question, is it affected by the rain on the Nissan radiator fan? In other words, can it be made rainproof?

The conventional Nissan radiator fan is not waterproof. For some special occasions, such as outdoor, Nissan radiator fan manufacturers can be required to do waterproof design. The relatively simple waterproof treatment is like refrigerator, air conditioning type waterproof fog treatment. Also called moisture-proof treatment. More reliable waterproof protection is generally the vacuum coating of the motor, coating the PCB board, motor coil, raining is not much problem

Basically, there are two kinds of waterproof protection for Nissan radiator fan models. The second cost will be much higher than the first one, and the effect is much better.

Some customers who buy Nissan radiator fans for the first time will say how long our production cycle is, which is longer than the retailers in the market. Why is this?

First of all, if you look for stocks in the retail market, then people can take the goods away, as long as the inventory specifications are not completely in line with the product cooling, or the air volume is not enough, or the noise is too big, or the line length is wrong, or the life is not ideal.

Secondly, if you are looking for a retail market, then he is still looking for Nissan radiator fan manufacturers to produce, so the cycle is definitely a little slower than the manufacturer, because there is an additional order process

Third, the zero activity of the small factory is also a little more lively than the large-scale factory. The speed is fast. They may not have too many processes. About the same materials can be used. Finally, the Nissan radiator fan performance may be made. It’s not the same

The general Nissan radiator fan will be marked with a temperature between -10 and 70 degrees in the general specification. Because the conventional Nissan radiator fan in this section is relatively reliable, some people will ask, is the material of the Nissan radiator fan only? Can you withstand high temperatures of 70 degrees?

The temperature that the material can withstand is not limited. For example, the IC can withstand 80 degrees. The plastic parts can withstand 110 degrees, the wire is 80 degrees, and the motor copper wire can withstand 110 degrees. But we know that the Nissan radiator fan is running at the same time as the motor. It will heat up, the higher the current, the higher the temperature rise. Therefore, the ambient temperature of 70 degrees + the temperature itself is definitely more than 70 degrees.

Specially designed high temperature resistant Nissan radiator fan, which can be designed at 85 degrees, with high temperature resistant 100 degree drive IC, 160 degree motor copper wire, 180 degree wire resistance, plastic parts with fireproof material, without reducing the speed In this case, the temperature rise of the motor itself is reduced, and the double ball bearing structure is used, and most of them are designed in this way, and the work can be guaranteed in an environment of 85 degrees.