Honda radiator fan maintenance and simple maintenance

- May 02, 2019-

Honda radiator fan maintenance and simple maintenance

The water tank "opening the pot" is very harmful to the car engine.

Most of the cars use water-cooling devices to dissipate heat from the engine. The water-cooling system of the engine is mainly composed of water pump, radiator, cooling fan, thermostat, engine body and water jacket in the cylinder head.

[damaged water tank cover]

If the thermostat is damaged in the cooling system, the Honda radiator fan is damaged, the water tank is short of water, etc., the cooling water in the water tank cannot be cooled. Lightening the pan will cause the engine to pull the cylinder and pull the tile, and the whole engine will damage or even scrap the entire engine. The water tank is “opened”, indicating that the cooling is insufficient and the engine is overheated, which is very harmful to the vehicle.

Inferior water tanks cause poor heat dissipation

In the summer, many taxi drivers report problems such as high water temperature, low air conditioning, and boiling. The main reason is the radiator, which is the water tank we mentioned every day. The heat dissipation of the water tank depends on the density of the heat sink and the design of the Honda radiator fan, but it does not mean that the heat sink with higher density has better heat dissipation effect. The deputy factory parts are often cost-considered in manufacturing, and the workmanship is reduced. This results in a decrease in the heat dissipation efficiency inside the water tank, which causes high temperatures. Therefore, when replacing the water tank, it is recommended that you choose the factory parts.

Honda radiator fan does not turn to cause boiling

In the summer, the Honda radiator fan does not turn, which has become a headache for many car owners. There are many reasons why the Honda radiator fan does not turn. If it is an old car, it is recommended to first eliminate the fan connector contact failure! The joint can be short-circuited directly, because the failure of the joint due to the aging of the joint causes the fan to not turn or sometimes turn to the fault, which is a big possibility!

In addition, check the water temperature sensor, air conditioning pressure switch, thermostat can not be opened or the pump is damaged, determine the problem of the air conditioning pressure switch: the air conditioning pressure switch power supply is pulled out, the air conditioner is not turned on, the Honda radiator fan turns, proof The switch is damaged. Judging the thermostat and the pump problem: the water in the water tank does not circulate, so that the double temperature switch does not feel the temperature change, and the fan does not turn; this problem can be judged by the temperature of the upper and lower water pipes, and the water temperature is as follows: If the water pipe is up, it should be judged that the water pump or the thermostat is damaged; if the temperature of the water pipe is the same and the Honda radiator fan is turned on after the air conditioner is turned on, the double temperature switch can be directly replaced.