Honda radiator fan manufacturer, Honda radiator fan defects

- May 04, 2019-

Honda radiator fan manufacturer, Honda radiator fan defects

The Honda radiator fan was born based on corrosion and leakage of steel radiator. It is corrosion-resistant with high-quality stainless steel, but its price is too high, and it is more expensive than the existing high-end radiator. Many consumers are discouraged. Another disadvantage of the Honda radiator fan is its low heat dissipation. From the thermal conductivity, copper is 0.94, pure aluminum is 0.53, aluminum alloy is 0.37, cast aluminum is 0.33, steel is 0.16, cast iron is 0.12, and stainless steel is 0.05.

Many products require a cooling fan to be more silent. If there is no sound better, then how to choose a cooling fan manufacturer to do more quiet?

1. The voltage design can be lower, such as 5V, 12V, because of the same size of the cooling fan, low voltage design, the speed can be made lower, the sound is smaller when running

2. Larger size design, smaller speed design, quieter sound

3. Double ball bearing can keep the cooling fan quiet for a long time, and it is not easy to have abnormal sound.

When new product development, choose the cooling fan does not know how much the speed, so it can only be estimated according to the specifications of the cooling fan supply, choose one of them, after a few days of sample, but often wait for the returned samples are unqualified Then, for the second time, the third attempt, the cooling fan sample was made several times before it was barely qualified. Here is a simple way to accurately calculate the speed of the cooling fan of the customer's product.

The first step is to select a medium-speed sample according to the shape and voltage of the cooling fan, so that the customer can measure the heat dissipation and ventilation in the product. If it is qualified in one step, it is best. If it is not suitable, the second step is if The customer feels that the wind is small, please ask the customer to connect a power supply to supply power to the fan. The voltage goes up last week, the voltage rises, the speed becomes faster, the air volume becomes larger, and the air volume that the customer wants is adjusted. Write down the voltage at this time and turn the fan. The sample is sent back to the cooling fan manufacturer. We will also adjust the voltage value recorded at that time, test the speed, and then do the last sample. This air volume and speed are measured by the customer, so it is definitely the most accurate. We are tailored to make a difference.