Is the number of blades more? The larger the air volume of the Mzada radiator fan

- May 17, 2019-

Is the number of blades more? The larger the air volume of the Mzada radiator fan

The larger the blade of the Mzada radiator fan is, the larger the air volume is. This is a problem frequently asked by customers. In fact, the air volume of the Mzada radiator fan is related to the number of blades, but not one-to-one.

If you add two blades and the wind is big, then we can't do anything to save enough air. Just add two leaves and go straight.

The air volume of the Mzada radiator fan has a great relationship with the shape, angle and length of the fan blade, of course, it is also related to the number of blades.

There are two main types of heat dissipation for DC Mzada radiator fans. One is suction type and the other is blow type. These two heat dissipation methods are different according to different occasions.

The blowing type is to blow the Mzada radiator fan to the heat source. It is to suck in the cold air outside, to replace the hot air inside, so that the heat should not be collected at the heat source and scattered around the heat source. This is rapid. The method of heat dissipation. This way the heat is faster, but the life of the fan will be shorter, because it will attract more dust.

The suction type is just the opposite. It discharges heat through the hot air inside the fan to the outside, the other enters the cold air, and the air enters the cold air while the fan exhausts the hot air. This heat dissipation is almost the same, Mzada The life of the radiator fan will be longer.

The DC Mzada radiator fan is a DC-powered Mzada radiator fan. The DC voltage specifications vary according to the characteristics of the product and the environment in which it is used. What are the specific voltages?

The commonly used DC voltage is 12V, so almost all specifications of the fan have 12V design and production, and 12V electric DC fans are also the most in all industries, followed by 5V and 24V, 5V is mainly used for car, smart wear, battery Products, 24V is mainly power products

Unconventional voltages are 3.3V, 48V, and more conventional 6V, 9V, 16V, 28V, 64V, etc.