Nissan radiator fan installed incorrectly and there will be noise

- May 06, 2019-

Nissan radiator fan installed incorrectly and there will be noise

The noise problem of the Nissan radiator fan is a relatively common problem. Some are the quality problems of the Nissan radiator fan itself, and some are the installation problems of the Nissan radiator fan. Therefore, it is very important to install the Nissan radiator fan correctly.

1. It is easy to use the upper and lower clamping of the Nissan radiator fan frame installation method due to the vibration of the Nissan radiator fan during operation, the production resonance, the sound is amplified, and the high-speed operation of the Nissan radiator fan without vibration is impossible.

2. In the flip-chip way, the fan blades are facing downwards and the heat is absorbed from the bottom to the top. The oil-based Nissan radiator fan may exceed the height of the frame due to the gravity of the blade itself, and the lower heat sink is encountered. , generating noise (changed into double ball bearings can be well solved)

3. Incorrect lock screw installation, the first screw is too strong, the lock is very tight, the parallel second screw is also tightly locked, and then the two screws on the opposite side are locked, which will cause the fan frame to be deformed. It becomes distorted, and the fan blade may hit the outer frame wall to produce a scratching sound. The correct way to do it is, the first screw locks down, it is tight, do not lock the deformation, and then lock the diagonal screws, and then lock another set of diagonal screws

Nissan radiator fans are classified according to their bearings. They are mainly oil-bearing bearings and double-ball bearings. However, it seems that oil-bearing bearings of Nissan radiator fans are more prone to noise problems. Why?

The oil-impregnated bearing material is poor, the process is rough, and the precision is poor. This is the reason why the oil-containing bearing type Nissan radiator fan is easy to produce noise for a long time. The sound is very good at the beginning because of the lubricating grease between the bearing and the shaft core. , slowing down the direct friction between the shaft core and the bearing. But as time goes on, the lubricant will dry out. If it doesn't, the sound will get bigger and bigger.

The precision of the double ball bearing is very high. It is steel. What kind of sound is from the beginning? It is still like this after one or two years. This is also a product that has been used for a long time and has high noise requirements. Double ball bearing fan instead of oil bearing type Nissan radiator fan.