The quality of the Mzada radiator fan is not the higher the air volume is better?

- May 10, 2019-

The quality of the Mzada radiator fan is not the higher the air volume is better?

Some customers think that the high-powered fan is better when they choose the Mzada radiator fan. Because the wind is bigger, the wind is sure to be good for the product. Of course, the heat dissipation is definitely better. If the heat is better, it means the Mzada radiator. Is the quality of the fan better?

For household electrical and electronic products, we require that the products should be muted. Therefore, customers generally require Mzada radiator fan manufacturers to be quieter in the case of heat dissipation, so the air volume is not required to be too large.

There are also some heaters such as heaters. We have made Mzada radiator fans with different air volume for some customers. It is not the larger the air volume, the hot air blows out. There is a nearby point, the wind is too big, and the heat is blown away. It has a cooling effect, the heating pipe is blown cool, and the wind is not hot. The wind is too small and the heat is not coming out inside.

Therefore, when it is not as good as retailers such as Electronics City, the air quality is better, they may find that some high-volume fans are imported, so it is better to import Mzada radiator fans.

Looking carefully at the specifications provided by the Mzada radiator fan manufacturer, it is not difficult to find that the life of two different bearings, namely the ball bearing and the oil bearing, is twice as long. The unique structure of the ball bearing, stable quality and long service life. We want to share the oil-bearing bearing here. The advantages and disadvantages of the oil-impregnated bearing have a great influence on the life of the Mzada radiator fan.

Rough bearing, Mzada radiator fan will produce friction with the bearing when it runs at high speed, which will cause abnormal noise and affect the life of Mzada radiator fan. In addition, alloys such as copper, aluminum, copper and iron have poor oil storage capacity and oil bearing. If there is no oil lubrication, the life will not be fast, the card is dead, and the precision of the bearing, the size is not reasonable. When the Mzada radiator fan is running, there will be a click between the shaft core and the bearing, causing the fan blade to be unbalanced. The operation will also have a short life.

Mzada radiator fan is currently doing better in China or Taiwan's copper shaft, the precision is relatively high, the oil storage capacity is relatively good, Japan's Panasonic hydraulic bearing has a longer life, the technology oil bearing is imported from Taiwan.