The relationship between the current of the Mzada radiator fan and the wind speed

- May 14, 2019-

The relationship between the current of the Mzada radiator fan and the wind speed

When we get the Mzada radiator fan, if the supplier asks what kind of Mzada radiator fan you want, the wind volume is also called the wind speed. It will be signed back. How many A do you do, sometimes remind you, The current is too small to work.

Is the current greater, the wind speed, the greater the wind volume, the same material, the same fan blade, of course, this is the same, but the different materials of different blades made of Mzada radiator fan, it is really different

The current of the Mzada radiator fan has a very important relationship with the speed, IC, the shape of the blade, the magnetic permeability of the silicon steel sheet, the material of the magnetic strip, and the selection of the motor coil diameter. Therefore, there will be differences. The Mzada radiator fan made by the manufacturer has a small current and a larger air volume.

Mzada radiator fan is also the same as other industries, because he needs IC, so the voltage commonly used by Mzada radiator fan is actually the working voltage of IC.

First, the most commonly used is 12V, then 5V and 24V, and a small part is 3.3V and 48V.

Second, we can also make special voltage fans according to customer requirements, such as 3V, 6V, 9V, 14V, etc.

Some customers have ordered Mzada radiator fans. For various reasons, the last supplier has made it, but they are not in a hurry to ship. They have been placed in the warehouse of Mzada radiator fan manufacturers, for several months, some years. Will it be bad to put it for so long?

According to the company's regulations, the Mzada radiator fan stored in stock for more than three months, must be out of the warehouse for re-flow, full inspection to ensure that the outgoing Mzada radiator fan is qualified. Especially for oil-filled fans, the time is long, the oil is easy to dry and produces noise. The ball bearing Mzada radiator fan is okay, basically there is no problem after a few months.

There is also a long time in the warehouse, some human accidents may not happen, but we still do nothing, recurrent

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