What are the advantages of imported Nissan radiator fans?

- May 05, 2019-

What are the advantages of imported Nissan radiator fans?

Many customers have high impressions on imported Nissan radiator fans. The performance of imported Nissan radiator fans is good, especially for Japanese brands such as NMB, NIDEC, Panasonic, SANYO, etc. What is the advantage of the radiator fan?

The most important in design, the Japanese brand is in the front, the most primitive design, such as the shape of the fan blade, the Chinese mainland brand still has a way to go in this aspect, using fluid mechanics to simulate the N points of the fan blade, composed The blade body makes the fan blade run in a limited space, and the sound is quiet. I have not heard of any domestic Nissan radiator fan manufacturer.

What we are doing now is to follow the Japanese system and learn to do their appearance. After doing a good job, compare and test the air volume, wind pressure, noise and other data to improve the fan blades that are made to match them, and then match their own Circuits, circuits, we have little problem, generally can achieve good results, the circuit is no problem, the fan blades are almost the same, the final product of the finished Nissan radiator fan and the Japanese are the same, but beyond their quality, almost impossible.

Nissan radiator fan with the advancement of society, fast delivery, rising costs (mainly rising labor costs, rising rents, resulting in material costs also in Shanghai) market changes, so, Nissan radiator fan manufacturers for the customer orders Also asked more?

For example, to customize a high-power 12038 Nissan radiator fan, manufacturers need to purchase custom PCB board, and the SMT patch order quantity is not 5K, the supplier does not take orders, because the boot cost is high. If the customer only subscribes to 1000 units, then 5,000 boards that Nissan radiator fan manufacturers ordered back, and 4,000 have become stocks. This customized board is not easy to find the same customer, and it is placed in the warehouse and takes up funds. Therefore, for the high-power Nissan radiator fan with this PWM function, if the amount is less than 5K, either the Nissan radiator fan manufacturer will add the relevant cost, or it will not be connected.