What is the stall protection function of Nissan radiator fan?

- May 09, 2019-

What is the stall protection function of Nissan radiator fan?

Some customers have higher reliability requirements for Nissan radiator fans. In addition to taking into account abnormal power supply, dust, instantaneous power failure, waterproof and other functions, the Nissan radiator fan is required to have a stall protection function. What is this function?

Nissan radiator fan blocking protection function is when the external force forces the fan blade to stop running, the ordinary fan, the current will be abnormally high, causing the Nissan radiator fan motor temperature to become higher and higher, and finally may cause the driver chip to burn out.

When the Nissan radiator fan is designed with a stall protection function, no matter how long it blocks the fan blades, it has no effect on the Nissan radiator fan, because as long as the fan blade does not turn, the motor immediately loses power and does not work.

Some customers will ask, you have to make a small Nissan radiator fan, why is it so long, why is it not in stock, is it so complicated? It is so big, let’s share the process with you.

We received the customer's order and sent it to the project by the business department. The project needs to verify whether the Nissan radiator fan has been changed or not. The relevant fixtures are normal. After flowing into the material control department to confirm which materials have no stock, how much to buy, there are about 30 kinds of materials for a Nissan radiator fan. The things to be bought are sent to the purchase, and the delivery of each material is given by the purchase, and then the product is inflow. Guarantee, production, let them know that this order is coming, and do the relevant preparatory work. Then the tube will be discharged for a while to produce. The next step is to wait for the supplier to supply the material. For example, the plastic frame leaves are usually delivered for more than 10 days. This is the slowest, and because there are too many specifications, the factory has almost no way to prepare materials. When all the materials arrive, the semi-finished motor is produced on the line of the raw tube, and then the finished fan is assembled. Finally, the QA sampling, the middle PCB board production, the rotor magnetization, the fan blade balance, the coil winding and other preliminary preparations are not fine. Say, there are about 70 pieces of work before and after.

Therefore, the order for a Nissan radiator fan must be at least 12 days. Sometimes, when the material is slow, the production is as fast as 30 days. From receiving the order to returning the customer, the whole process is completed.

Since Nissan's radiator fan manufacturer has been engaged in production and processing, it has been told by experience that the kind of customers who are looking for spot are mainly two parts. Some of them have never used Nissan radiator fans, and some are traders. They don't understand the production characteristics of Nissan radiator fans.

Why Nissan's radiator fan is not in stock, because the specifications produced by the manufacturer's own standards, the customer largely disapproved, our current stage is in the period of tailor-made for the customer, not what is produced in the factory What kind of specifications are used by the customer, so the Nissan radiator fan that has become an inventory for such reasons often has no way to ship for several years, and eventually becomes a stagnant product forever. The factory has removed the Nissan radiator fan and left it. Lower accessories to produce other specifications.