Why is the Mzada radiator fan so expensive?

- May 15, 2019-

Why is the Mzada radiator fan so expensive?

Mzada radiator fan is a small part, which exists in various electronic and electrical products to play the role of heat dissipation and ventilation. Some customers will conditionally say how expensive your fans are.

The same Mzada radiator fan, when you go to the first-line brand, the quality of the equipment, the quality of the products is really good, but the price is 30, we will think they should do well, but expensive, then, we found A second-line brand, this factory is also some strength, important equipment, the size of the factory is ok, this 20 pieces, we do not think it is cheap, but we found a small factory with only 10 people, the factory is very chaotic, very Dirty, no engineering, no research and development, no big sound management, but the Mzada radiator fan that is produced will also turn. The price is only 10 yuan. We have another idea. They are cheap, but I don’t know how long it will last. , is the performance stable?

Technology believes that there is no minimum price, only lower, quality is not the best, only better, choose the accessories that can meet the needs of the product is the most important, high-end good quality has a market, low-end cheap also people need

More and more products equipped with Mzada radiator fans require fans to be muted, especially electrical and electronic products that are close to our lives. How to choose the direction becomes a problem. Generally decide from the following directions

First, first of all, in the selection of voltage, try to use low voltage, such as 5V, 12V, which is convenient for Mzada radiator fan manufacturers to design low speed, it can also start normally.

Secondly, in the fan blade structure, try to select the motor wheel drum to be smaller, so that the fan blade will be longer, the same air volume, perhaps the Mzada radiator fan speed of the small drum is not so high, and the noise will be low. a little

Third, for products that use time-efficient products, when using Mzada radiator fans, double ball bearings will be more reliable, and long-term operation will not produce noise.

Regarding the landing test in the reliability test, can the Mzada radiator fan be able to withstand it? In fact, there are standards in the Mzada radiator fan industry, and different standards are set according to different models and their own weights.

Probably small size and small volume set to 60CM floor (wood board), large volume of 30CM falling board, three sides landing, the fan can run normally, is qualified.