Frequent Replacement Of Honda Radiator Fans Is Not Desirable

- Jun 11, 2019-

Frequent replacement of Honda radiator fans is not desirable

In the process of car repair, I suddenly heard the saying, "You have to replace this electronic fan, it is so old, you know, I am the third." I think that being diligent in replacing is a good thing. I don’t know, the replacement of the electronic fan is not necessarily good for the locomotive.

Under normal circumstances, the service life of Honda radiator fans is relatively long. If it is replaced frequently in a short time, the friction between the new parts and the locomotive is large, which increases the wear capacity between the locomotive and the parts, and this has a great damage to the normal use of the locomotive. of. Therefore, in the process of using the vehicle, do not do these things that are not worth the money.

According to relevant professionals, there are four main factors that cause the use of electronic fans:

1. Man-made, and interference from external factors, in the process of using the electronic fan, there is an abnormal use of the line.

2. The use of the electronic fan is too long, and the wear resistance between the internal components is serious, which leads to the looseness of the electronic fan blades.

3. The abnormality of the water tank temperature has occurred.

4. The use of the electronic fan is irregular, and the use of the electronic fan is not performed for a long time.

The significance of the Honda radiator fan is not to reduce the temperature of the water tank. Is there any other use? After thinking about it, I still didn't think of a better answer, so I didn't think about it. Later, I thought, is it that the heat dissipation speed of the electronic fan is not adjusted according to the product requirements?

But later, such problems were vetoed by themselves. the reason is simple. The speed of the electronic fan can be adjusted. If you want to operate in the low speed mode, you only need to connect two resistors in series to achieve it. If you are running in a high-speed mode, then there is no such trouble.