How Should We Scientifically Select Honda Radiator Fans?

- Jun 06, 2019-

How should we scientifically select Honda radiator fans?

Honda's radiator fan is now widely used, it is mainly used to heat the machine. So how should we choose a cooling fan? Let's talk about this problem.

When we are shopping, some people think that the larger the fan blade, the better, because the larger the fan blade, the bigger the wind will be. In fact, this view is unscientific and incorrect, because the blade is rotating. The resistance it creates will increase. So when choosing a radiator fan, the blade is just right. Don't pursue a radiator fan with a large leaf fan.

When selecting a Honda radiator fan, its rated power can be determined according to your needs. Nor is the heat of the radiator fan getting better and better, because its power is large, but the normal use of the machine will also be affected.

When choosing a radiator fan, the main choice is good quality. Only good quality can make the cooling fan exert its best effect. It is a maintenance function for machine parts that require heat dissipation. Good quality can increase the life of the cooling fan.

Finally, when purchasing the Honda radiator fan, you should first debug it and debug the rotation speed of the fan blade so that it can perform normal work. The above is the need to pay attention to the selection of Honda radiator fans. Only by knowing what is in the heart can we make scientific choices.

The Honda radiator fan is a very important device for the car. The poor heat dissipation of the car may cause damage or explosion of the car. However, it is easy to get some problems in the process of using it. Now let's understand the reasons and solutions for the high-speed rotation of the radiator blades.

If the radiator rotates at a high speed, it means that the hydraulic pump, the radiator fan hydraulic motor and the hydraulic line are basically intact. You can check whether the circuit diagram is working normally. Then look at the air conditioning system, if there is any problem, because the high-voltage switch of the air conditioner is the hydraulic fan. The control unit is connected, and the problem should be in the radiator fan speed control system. It is very likely that there is no refrigerant in the air conditioning pipeline, so the air conditioner stops working, and the high voltage switch is in the off state. At this time, the hydraulic fan amount control unit judges the error, which is mistaken that the refrigerant temperature in the air conditioning pipeline is too high. Therefore, the high-speed rotation of the radiator fan is affected, and the radiator of the air-conditioning condenser is not heated up.

As the saying goes, a hundred miles are half-nine. When you look for a car breakdown, you may have such a situation. You have found a lot of possible reasons but you can't solve the problem. This is often caused by not checking carefully. When you encounter a situation, it will make people feel very annoyed, and it will easily affect one's confidence.