Lexus Radiator Fan: What Is The Reason For The Longevity Of Lexus Radiator Fans?

- May 24, 2019-

Lexus Radiator Fan: What is the reason for the longevity of Lexus radiator fans?

The length of life of a Lexus radiator fan is related to the bearing used, the operating ambient temperature of the Lexus radiator fan, and the balance of the blades.

1. Lexus radiator fan uses bearings:

The use of double ball bearings has a long service life of 5,0000-100000h.

The use of oil-impregnated bearings, oil bearing life is about 10000h.

The use of hydraulic bearings has a larger oil storage space than oil-bearing bearings and has a service life of around 40,000 h. (The life of each operating at room temperature of 25 degrees), so the choice of bearings has a great relationship with the length of the Lexus radiator fan.

2, Lexus radiator fan operating environment temperature: When the Lexus radiator fan is running, the higher the ambient temperature, the shorter its life.

3, Lexus radiator fan blade balance is poor, it will cause Lexus radiator fan vibration, with constant vibration, the fan noise will become larger and larger, resulting in weight loss, and finally the fan straight card does not turn.

Some common sense to buy a Lexus radiator fan

First, the general knowledge of purchasing Lexus radiator fans:

When purchasing a fan, you should generally understand the following necessary information:

★ The size of the fan.

★ Determine if the fan is DC or AC.

★ The value of the power supply voltage of the fan. For example: AC 220V, 110V, 380V. DC 5V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V.

★ Fan bearing form, ball or oil.

★ Fan air volume, speed. For example, how many cubic meters per minute, or how many cubic feet per minute.

★ Wind pressure value.