Some Common Sense To Buy A Lexus Radiator Fan

- May 25, 2019-

Some common sense to buy a Lexus radiator fan

First, the general knowledge of purchasing Lexus radiator fans:

When purchasing a fan, you should generally understand the following necessary information:

★ The size of the fan.

★ Determine if the fan is DC or AC.

★ The value of the power supply voltage of the fan. For example: AC 220V, 110V, 380V. DC 5V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V.

★ Fan bearing form, ball or oil.

★ Fan air volume, speed. For example, how many cubic meters per minute, or how many cubic feet per minute.

★ Wind pressure value.

Second, about the bearing:

Oil bearing (Sleeve Bearing)

The traditional DC brushless fan motor design is a blade rotor (referred to as the rotor) and its core through the oil bearing, referred to as SLEEVE bearing, pivotally fixed at the center of the motor stator, so that the rotor and stator remain properly The gap, of course, there must be a gap between the shaft core and the bearing, so that the shaft core will not be deadlocked and cannot run; and the stator structure part of the motor (referred to as the stator) will be in the rotor and stator after the power input. An induced magnetic field line is generated, and the control of the drive circuit causes the fan motor to operate. Therefore, the conventional fan motor architecture has only one blade rotor and one motor stator and one drive circuit, and the magnetic core is sensed by the pivotal connection of the shaft core and the bearing.

1. Advantages of using oil-impregnated bearings

A. Resistance to external forces, less damage caused by transportation;

B. The price is cheap (the price varies greatly from the ball bearing.

2. Disadvantages of using oil bearing

A. The dust in the air will be sucked into the core of the motor due to the operation of the fan motor, and mixed with the lubricating oil stored around the bearing to form sludge, which will cause operational noise, even if it is stuck;

B. The inner diameter of the bearing is easy to wear and the service life is short;