Where Is The Lexus Radiator Fan Installed? How Does The Radiator Fan Work?

- May 27, 2019-

Where is the Lexus radiator fan installed? How does the radiator fan work?

A radiator fan is installed on the car at home, which is a device that helps the air conditioner in the car to cool down. Do you guys want to know how the radiator fan works? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to where the Lexus radiator fan is installed, so let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

It is based on water temperature, engine load, signal transmission to the computer, engine computer control fan high and low speed relay, and also affected by air conditioning pressure, the principle is this, air conditioning computer receives air conditioning pressure switch, indoor and outdoor temperature, and other signals, and then through the bus The air conditioning signal is transmitted to the engine computer. The engine receives the signal that can be turned on, controls the compressor, and controls the fan relay to pull in. When the air conditioner pressure is affected by the environment and its own influence increases, the engine computer receives the air conditioner computer signal and controls the fan high speed relay. Pull in and the fan runs at high speed.

How the radiator fan works - simply

The heat sink works on heat transfer.

The principle of the cooling fan is to increase the air circulation of the heating software, and to continuously remove the heat through the continuous circulation of the air.

In fact, all have heat transfer. The high temperature is transmitted to the low temperature.

The Lexus radiator fan is an indispensable part of the car and plays a very important role in the heat dissipation of the car. There are more and more people using the car, and the use of the radiator fan is naturally more and more. What are the various types of radiator fans that are common? Here, Jiangsu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. introduces you to:

Steel radiator. In this kind of radiator, according to its material and performance, we divide it into two types: plate type and column type. However, in the actual purchase of such type of radiator, we should also pay attention to safety. Sexual problems, after all, are used on the car. If the product quality is poor, there will be a great security risk, which will pose a great threat to the car and people. If you want to check the anti-corrosion performance of the radiator, you must pass the waterway inspection, and you must not believe the exaggerated propaganda of the merchant.

Iron radiator and aluminum radiator. In the past few years, these two kinds of radiators have been widely used, but because of their many drawbacks in performance, the advantages are not as obvious as steel radiators, and now they have been cooled by steel. The device has been replaced, and it is difficult to see the two radiators on the market now.